12. jul, 2019

National dogshow Sanda 8. og 9. june 2019

What a fantastic weekend at the national dogshow

Day 1. Judge Antonio Di Lorenzo
Cardigardens Dion C`s Melody BOB veteran and 2. best bitch 🤩
Shepados Ronja Røverdatter 3. best bitch😃
Corgipaw Born To Shepado BOS puppy 😍
Major Point Quovis Modo VG😃

Day 2. Judge Gunilla Skallmann
Shepados Ronja Røverdatter BOB, BIG 3 🤩🤩
Cardigadens Dion C`s Melody BOB veteran🤩
Corgipaw Born To Shepado BOS puppy😍

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